General Questions

Do you hand out free vouchers for your asset packs?

In general we don't give away vouchers for our packs.

Will there be updates for the packages?

Yes. We plan to update all our packages as soon as there is a relevant update or if the
community asks for adjustments.

Can you give support to users if something doesn’t work?

Yes, but first please read through the documentation of the pack you purchased and if you still need help with something related to the package, feel free to contact us: info@tidalflask.com

Do you give refunds for products?

Due to the nature of digital products, we generally can’t offer refunds. Please contact us if you have any issues with a product.

Do you have a roadmap for future asset pack releases?

We don't have a roadmap so far. For news on releases and updates follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

Can we give you a profit share of our game in exchange for free assets? 


Unity Questions

What’s the deal with Universal Render Pipeline (URP)?

With Unity 2019.3 the Lightweight Render Pipeline is renamed to Universal Render
Pipeline. If you set up your project using LWRP you can change to URP and everything
should work from the getgo - shaders, materials, lighting and the renderpipeline setting
assets are compatible with URP.

A list of errors shows up in a shader.

Try reimporting the shader (in project tab > right-click on the shader > Reimport).
If this doesn’t work, open the Shader Graph by double-clicking on the shader. In the
Shader Graph then click on “Save Asset” in the top left corner of the window.
If you are still having issues with the shader, please contact us.

I opened the project and everything is pink. When selecting a material, the shader says “Hidden/InternalErrorShader”.

This is the case when your project is not set up for Lightweight Render Pipeline (LWRP)
or Universal Render Pipeline (URP). Starting on page 4 you will find all the steps needed
to properly set up your project.

I opened the project for the first time and in the Console I get the error “A tree couldn’t be loaded because the prefab is missing”.

This is a known Unity bug (importing a package that has terrain and trees in it) and has
nothing to do with the package. Simply press “Clear” in the “Console” tab and it won’t
appear again.

I imported the package but some assets still appear pink in the scene.

It is possible that if you open any of the scenes, that some assets still appear pink. If that
is the case do the following:
• In the Hierarchy window select “Terrain”
• In the “Paint Details” tab double click on any asset
• Click on the circle next to the asset which was added in the “Detail” panel
• Readd the same asset and the scene should look normal again

I imported the package but some assets still appear pink in the Project window.

If you see any pink assets inside the Project window or inside the “Terrain”-object in
any of the scenes simply select the said Prefabs (inside the prefabs folder) or the Meshes
(inside the 3d folder) > right click > Reimport and it should fix it.

I imported the package but the assets using your custom Shader Graph shaders have errors and show up pink in the scene.

We are aware of an error which sais the following: Shader error in ‘Shader Graphs/
”shader name”: syntax error: unexpected integer constant at line...
Saidly we could not reproduce it but we very closly follow possible solutions for it.
If you encounter this error please send us the following information:
- Operating system (also tell us if you are up to date with all the updates)
- Your Graphics card (also here please tell us if you are up to date with the drivers)
- Unity version (Unity version 2019.2.x seems to cause errors for our custom shaders)
- Render pipeline type and version(for example LWRP 6.9.0)