STORY - Northern Nature


This pack contains 89 unique 3D assets to create your own adventure in the north! The assets are compatible with Unity Terrain, which makes it easy for you to efficiently create what you envision. Populate your environment with a variety of carefully handpainted nature assets to tell your own story.
Trees, grass and bushes are customizable regarding colors and wind movement. The Skybox is procedural for easy daytime adjustment.

Files in this package:

  • 1 Unity package file which can be directly imported into Unity
  • ZIP of all models (FBX) and textures (PNG).
  • Blender File containing all assets
  • Documentation

This project is set up using Lightweight Render Pipeline/Universal Render Pipeline. The Unity package is compatible with Unity 2019.1.0 and above.
Contains Demoscenes and a Documentation to get you started!
If you need the assets in any other formats, please feel free to contact us via


3D Assets:

  • 7 pine trees
  • 6 maple trees
  • 7 small stones
  • 11 big rock formations
  • 15 ice assets
  • 10 grasses and flowers
  • 5 bushes
  • 9 snowpiles
  • 5 tree stumps and trunks
  • 3 pine cones and 5 branches
  • 6 FX assets for waterfalls, clouds and northern lights

Trees and bushes have 3 LODs. Stones and rocks have 2 LODs. All assets have a custom lightmap in the second UV channel and a collision mesh where needed.

  • Highest polycount for trees LOD0: 2888 tris
  • Lowest polycount for trees LOD2: 39 tris
  • Highest polycount for stones LOD0: 228 tris
  • Lowest polycount for stones LOD1: 26 tris
  • Highest polycount for rocks LOD0: 1298 tris
  • Lowest polycount for rocks LOD1: 238 tris


  • 18 textures for trees, grass and bushes
  • 6 terrain textures
  • 4 stones and ice textures
  • Textures for FX
  • Normal and emission maps

Shaders: (Compatible only with Unity)

  • Custom shaders were created using Unity Shader Graph
  • Customizable shaders for waterfalls
  • Customizable shader for water
  • Customizable shaders for grass and tree leaves wind movement and color
  • Customizable stone and ice shaders for top projection

 FX: (Compatible only with Unity)

  • Fog particle effect
  • Snow particle effect
  • Northern lights and moon
  • Stars particle effect
  • 2 different cloud effects
  • Windtrails

Also available on Unity Asset Store: STORY - Northern Nature

Release Notes

- Added UI Information Panel

- Updated Documentation

Extended Use License
License: Extended Commercial License
Stock Assets

For use on an unlimited number of commercial projects with no limits on sales or views.

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