FANTASTIC - Nature Pack

If you are in need of high quality stylized nature assets - this package is perfect for you! With over 120 unique assets you can easily build and populate beautiful stylized environments for your fantasy game. The assets are compatible with Unity Terrain, which makes it easy for you to quickly and efficiently create what you envision. With customizable water and foliage shaders you can adjust the mood and season of your environment to your liking.

 ***Supports Built-in Render Pipeline and URP*** 

Contains day and night demo scenes as seen in the trailer and a documentation to get you started! The Unity package is compatible with Unity 2019.4.30 and above. Screenshots and video are captured using the Standard Render Pipeline.

Files in this package:

  • 1 Unity package file which can be directly imported into Unity
  • 1 Blender source file with all the models in it
  • ZIP of all models (FBX) and textures (PNG and TGA).
  • Documentation

3D Assets: 

  • 12 unique trees which can be customized with 4 different tree trunk textures
  • 15 Stones
  • 44 Plants with vertex maps for wind movement
  • 22  Camping Set  assets (pot, campfire & poles, wooden spoon/bowl/cup, fishing rod, fish & fish slice, metal plate, 3x decorational leaves, glass bottle, bread, cheese, knife, pan & lid, sleeping bag, tent, woodpile & woodlog)
  • Trees and stones each have  3 LODs and collision meshes 
  • Each asset has a custom lightmap in its second UV channel and colliders where needed

As a free bonus this package also includes the Camping Set!

Shaders: (compatible only with Unity)
Custom shaders were created with Amplify

  • Customizable shader for water
  • Customizable wind shaders for foliage
  • Simple double sided shader for built-in RP

FX: (compatible only with Unity)

  • Stylized particle effect for fire, steam, flying leaves and fireflies

Technical details:

  • Textures: 14 tileable textures, 12 normal maps, 3 textures for plants, 2 atlases for the Camping Set, 2 skybox textures for day and night, 8 textures for FX and other decorations
  • Texture dimensions: 2 8192x4096, 18 2048x2048, 4 1024x1024, 2 512x512, 5 256x256, 2 64x64
  • Polygon count: 6 - 964 tris
  • Number of meshes: 127
  • UV mapping: Yes
  • Lightmaps: Yes
  • Colliders: Yes
  • LOD: Yes for trees and stones (3 LODs)
  • Rigging: No
  • Animations: No

Also available on Unity Asset Store: FANTASTIC - Nature Pack

Release Notes

Don't forget to back up your project before updating the package.

  • Upgraded pack to Unity version 2019.4.30
  • IMPORTANT: With this update, the pack no longer supports LWRP, instead we upgraded the pack to work with URP (2019.4.30 & above). If you're using LWRP make sure to use the old terrain assets for the demoscenes and legacy shaders, which are still in the project in the ../shaders/legacy folder (for more information see documentation inside the project)
  • Added projects for version 2019.4.30
  • Updated custom foliage wind and water shaders for built-in and URP. This fixes an URP issue where the custom shaders caused shadow cascade errors on the mesh for newer Unity versions
  • Updated documentation

Version 1.5:

  • NEW: The pack is now also compatible with the built-in render pipeline, including custom shaders for foliage wind and water(created with Amplify Shader Editor) 
  • Major updates for the demoscenes, incl. new terrain. (Renamed demoscenes and created new terrain asset in order to not override the old demoscenes when reimporting the pack)
  • Added project for URP
  • Added simple double sided shader for built-in RP
  • Updated water shader for LWRP & URP. Old water shader moved to /shaders/legacy folder)
  • Updated and added new versions of foliage wind shaders for LWRP & URP
  • Added new normals maps and textures (stone, plants, wood, steam)
  • Updated existing textures (plants, grass). Old textures moved to /textures/legacy
  • Updated documentation Version

Version 1.4:

  • updated documentation
  • added UI information panel

Version 1.3:

  • water shader now also works with URP (2019.3.0 & above)
  • updated Documentation
  • minor terrain improvements

Version 1.2:

  • renamed grass assets (shader, material, texture, etc.) to fix override problems when importing our other packages
  • updated Documentation

Version 1.1:

  • added custom lightmap for all assets
  • added terrain textures as TGA files
  • added a hue slider and a tint option for grass and plant shaders
  • Camp Set: each asset is now a seperate FBX file and a prefab
  • demoscenes: terrain and environment improvements
  • updated Documentation
  • other minor improvements and fixes
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Files (4)
Tidal Flask - FANTASTIC Nature Pack_v1-6
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Tidal Flask - FANTASTIC Nature Pack
zip /
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Documentation - FANTASTIC Nature Pack
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