STORY - Wildlands Props


This pack contains 97 unique assets to create your own adventure in the wildlands! Populate your environment with a variety of carefully handpainted props to tell your own story. 

Files in this package:

  • 1 Unity package file which can be directly imported into Unity
  • ZIP of all models (FBX) and textures (PNG)
  • Blender File containing all assets
  • Documentation

This project is set up using Lightweight Render Pipeline / Universal Render Pipeline. The Unity package is compatible with Unity 2019.1.0 and above.
Contains Demoscenes and a Documentation to get you started!
If you need the assets in any other formats, please feel free to contact us via 

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3D Assets: 

  • Camping: tent, 2 camping chairs, laundry line, camping fire, grill, cooler, woodlog, woodlogs pile, magazine, magazines pile, comic book, book, 2 maps, journal, clipboard
  • Survival: 4 backpacks, sleeping bag, 3 medipacks, 2 pills bottle variations, 2 toilet paper rolls, bucket, canoe, paddle, lighter, matchbox, matches, pack of cigarettes, ashtray, ammobox
  • Cooking: 2 water bottles, beer bottle, beer sixpack, beer can, soda can, baked beans can, tuna can, 2 peach can variations, plate, knife, fork, coffee maker, 3 pots with lid, pan, 2 cups
  • Tools & Gadgets: 2 axes, axe cover, knife, knife cover, camera, walkie-talkie, flashlight, radio, binoculars, gas lantern, camping shovel, torch, gas cooker, tape, pocket knife, pencil, pen, compass, 3 battery variations
  • Environment: oil barrel, gas canister, bird house, deer skull, deer rips, 3 bones, 2 signs, 2 infoboards, picnic table, 3 wood fences

    Multiple prop parts can be opened, moved, rotated, extended etc. as shown in the video.


  • 20 prop textures
  • 9 texture atlases
  • 3 Emissive Maps for flash light, gas lantern and camping fire
  • Texture for Fire FX
     All textures are 2048x2048, except the camping fire (512x512)

FX: (compatible only with Unity)

  • Stylized particle effect for fire

Also available on Unity Asset Store: STORY - Wildlands Props

Release Notes

- Added UI Information Panel

- Updated Documentation

Extended Use License
License: Extended Commercial License
Stock Assets

For use on an unlimited number of commercial projects with no limits on sales or views.

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